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Dates of composition





Concert Overture


Based on Sri Lankan folk songs. Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/1,Timps,Strings

26 June 1975–The Colombo Sinfonietta conducted by Sarath Fernando – Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo. 

Score misplaced.  Billed on the programme as Overture No. 2.  Overture No. 1 is in manuscript and was an early work available in manuscript.


Serenade for Small Orchestra


Based on Sri Lankan folk song material.  Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2, Timps,Strings

28 July 1975- Junior Orchestra of Colombo conducted by Carmel Raffel - Ladies College Hall.

Score misplaced.

1. Guilivissimo

2. Tempo di Marcia Funabre

3. Presto Vivace 


Wind Quintet



Rehearsed in 1976, but not performed

Score misplaced.


Suite in two Movements for Solo Flute



1976 - Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour by the composer (on Flute)

Manuscript score available.

1. Lament – Andante con moto

2. Adagio Religioso




Viola and Amplifier

August 1975 - Recorded by Carmel Raffel

Score misplaced.  Recording may be available on cassette.


Five Plans for Recorder & Piano


Descant Recorder and Piano

29 April 1976 – recorded and broadcast – performed by the composer, with Lakshmi Rasaratnam on Piano – Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation

Score misplaced.  Recording may be available at SLBC(?)


Three Phonic Essays  


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/,Strings

19 July 1976–The Colombo Sinfonietta 9was to be conducted by the composer who fell ill – conducted by Sarath Fernando - Lionel Wendt Theatre 

Score misplaced.









Bridal March No. 1

















Orchestra 2/2/2/2/, 2/2,Timps/ Strings

24 January 1976 -Performed at Wedding of Cousin Ianthi de Mel and Nimal de Silva at St. Michael’s and All Angel's Church, Colombo 03



14 October 1977 -Junior Symphony Orchestra of Ceylon conducted by the composer – Ladies' College Hall

Score misplaced.







Score misplaced.  Arranged for orchestra by the composer.


Symphony No. 1


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 4/2/3/1,Timps, Strings

Never performed

Composed as an entry for the composer’s competition, the Arthur Honegger Prix in Paris, France.  Based on total serialization techniques. Composer was the youngest entrant.  There was a film made in Paris on this which shows the score.








Christmas Oratorio "සුභරංචිය"

Libretto by Fr. Marceline Jayakody













SATB  Chorus, Baritone soloist & Orchestra 2/4/4/3, 3/2, Strings, Mandoline, Tammattama, Getabera.



SATB  Chorus, Baritone soloist & Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 3/2/3,Perc, Strings,.

15 February 1977 - Symphony Orchestra of Colombo with a mixed chorus conducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka -Ladies College Hall, Colombo.


11 Dec 2019 11am - Revised version performed, conducted by the composer-St.Paul’s Church, Colombo

Oktave and Friends
The Piccolinis
Rachel Halliday, mezzo soprano
Gustav Mahler Orchestra of Colombo

25th January 1985 repeat performance by the Symphony Orchestra of Colombo, conducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka, Ladies' College Hall, Colombo. To commemorate 60 Years of Broadcasting in Sri Lanka.  Broadcast on Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation English Service and Stereophonic Service (STX) on 27 February 1985 at 9.15 pm

Original Manuscript score available

Revised version printed score available.

1. Overture

2. Chorus-There were Shepheards in the fields.

3. Chorus-And Suddenly the Angel appeared

4. Solo: I bring you good tidings

5. Chorus- Glory to God

6. Chorus- For unto us a son is born

7.Chorus - Amen


Concerto Grosso for Recorder consort and Chamber Orchestra


Sopranino/S/A/T/B Recorders and String Orchestra.

23 January 1979 -Colombo Youth Orchestra conducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka -Ladies College Hall.

Score misplaced.


2.Theme & Variations



Symphony No. 2 “Sigiri”


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2/3,Timps/ Strings, Mandoline, Guitar,GetaBera, Davul, Baritone soloist 

22 September 1978 - Symphony Orchestra of Ceylonconducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka - Ladies College Hall, Colombo. (20th Anniversary Concert of SOC.

Repeated in Kandy, Sri Lanka - 23 September 1978 - Engineering Faculty Theatre, University of Peradeniya

Manuscript score available 

1.Rise of the Parvataraja

2.Scenes at Sigiriya

3.The Fall


Bridal March No.2


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2 3/St, Timps/ Srings

March 1983 - Recorded by the Symphony Orchestra of Ceylon and reproduced at composer's wedding.

Score misplaced. Recording available.


Silver Jubilee Overture 


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2,Timps/ Strings

11 August 1983 -Symphony Orchestra of Ceylon conducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka - 25th Anniversary Concert – Chief Guest HE J.R Jayewardene President of Sri Lanka

Repeated on 15 December 1983 at Ladies College.  Manuscript score in SOSL Library.  Billed on the programme as Overture No. 3. Overture was specially composed for the occasion.


Symphony No. 3 


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2, Timps/ Strings, Boy Soprano soloist 

1988(?) - Symphony Orchestra of Ceylon conducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka, Ladies College Hall.

Manuscript score available.  Dedicated to Lishanthi Wijewardene.


Choral Poem 


SATB Soloist and SATB Choir & Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2,Timps/ Strings. 

22 November 1991 - Symphony Orchestra & Chorus of Sri Lanka conducted by Dr. Earle de Fonseka -Tower Hall Theatre, Colombo at the Festival of Art.

Manuscript in SOSL Library.  Lamentation of civil war and hope for peace.  Used “අහෝ" "අයියෝ" in first chorus.  “Dedicated to the “Innocents who have paid most for our violent crisis”. Attended by the Chief Guest – George Keyt – renowned painter.


Piano & Drums 



Gayathri Attiken, Ramya de Livera Pereira, Amy Briggs Dissanayake, Eshantha Peiris 

Manuscript and printed scoresavailable. Based on a poem of the same title by African poet Gabriel Okara. Uses ගමන්පද rhythms

Recorded by Eshantha Peiris and available online.


Three Sri Lankan Dances 


Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2/3,Timps/Perc/ Strings. 

c. 1995. Symphony Orchestra & Chorus of Sri Lanka conducted by the composer. 

Manuscript score available. Recording of premier available.  4 September1997 repeated at Deva Surya Sena Commemorative Concert by the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka, with dancers – Ravibandhu and troupe”.Famous Dancer Chthrasena was Chief Guest.  At the end of the concert, he came up to the podium and removing his garland presented it to the composer. Also performed by Long Island Youth Orchestra in Colombo, 2000.

1. Ukussa

2. Jaya Keli

3. Baila




Orchestra 2/2/2/2, 2/2, Timp, Strings

Not performed 

Manuscript available 


Sitar Concerto 


Orchestra 1/1/Cor Anglaise/1, 2/1,Tabla, Ghatam, Strings & Sitar solo

28 March 1998- Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka conducted by the composer- Bishop’s College Auditorium. Solo Sitar Prof Pradeep Ratnayakem- soloist in all performances. 50th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s Independence.

Printed score available. Dedicated to PritivaAttiken. Premier recording available. 9 August 1998 Mumbai, India, Bombay Chamber Orchestra conducted by the composer at tata Theatre.   February 2004 performed in Bangalore India by the Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra.


Requiem for Earth (Requiem Orbis Terrarum)


SATB Chorus, Sop./Ten./Baritone soloists and Orchestra Pic/1/1/ 2/2, Timps/ percussion, Santoor, Strings, natural sounds

27 March 1999 - Orchestra and Chorus conducted by composer - St. Michael's and All Angels church, Kollupitiya. Celebration of the birth centenary of deva Surya Sena.

Printed score available. The first movement “Deinde” is a recitation of Anne Ranasinghe’s poem “Afterwards” over music. Premier recording available.

1. Deinde – Afterwards

2. Chorus & Tenor solo - Introit & Kyrie

3. Chorus – Sanctus

4. Soprano Solo – Pie Jesu

5. Chorus – Libera Me

6. Agnus Dei- Soprano/Baritone solos & Chorus

7. Chorus - In Paradisum 




Concert Band

Not performed

Printed score available. Digital version available.  Dedicated to Hans Monheimius, the oldest living Dutchman in Sri Lanka on his 70th Birthday.


Christmas Suite

2000 Dec


Not performed

Printed score available. Dedicated to Gayathri Attiken

1.Snow Flakes

2.Designer Rat (squirrel)

3.The lonely pine

4. Windchimes at Hirons

5. Hosanna in Excelsis

6.Cajan Stomp



Symphony No. 4 (incomplete)

2000 started 

Orchestra 2/2/2/2 2/2 3 Strings

Not performed 















Piece based on Tabla rhythms                                 


Piano Quintet – Piano and String Quartet

27 November 2000 - European Union Chamber Orchestra-Colombo at Bishops College Auditorium.


20 October 2011 -Piano Quintet -performed by EshanthaPeiris and the Morita String Quartet (Japan) - Colombo Mt Lavinia Hotel. 

Printed score available. Broadcast on “Bonsoir” presented by Kumar de Silva on ITN on 15 January 2001.  Repeated EUCO in UK at three summer festival concerts. The composer was present at one of these in Wales.



Printed score available.


Fantasia for Oriental and Orchestral Percussion


Percussion: Ghatam, Pakvaj, Tabla, Kalabera, Conchs, Timpani, Cymbals, Digeridoo, and other percussion with a Sri Lankan Drum Orchestra.

23 February 2002 – “New Era Concert” of the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka – Ladies College hall, Colombo. Soloists: RavibandhuVidyapath, Arjuna Krishnaratne, Neomal Weerakoon.

Score in SOSL library (?)



Sangeetha Bindu සංගීත බිංඳු


Flute & Piano

1 July 2004 - Eleanor Pameijer (Flute) & Marcel Worms (Piano) - Paderewski Hall, (Hall XIV) UN Palais des Nations, Geneva.

Dedicated to the Duo.  Also recorded by them for CD. Also performed in Colombo and several concerts in Netherlands & Brazil.

1.Kavi Padha/කවිපද(Bass Flute),





Ubi Caritas

February 2016

SATB a capella

21 November and 23 December 2017 - Peradeniya Singers conducted by Bridget Halpe - “Varama” Kandy and Galle respectively.

Dedicated as a gift to his wife Mamgalika Pereira 


Overture “The Dancers”

July-August 2016

Orchestra 2&picc/2/2/2 4/2/3/1 4 Perc, Strings

19 October 2017 -Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka conducted Dushyanthi Perera - the 60th Anniversary Concert 

23 June 21018 The Sun Symphony Orchestra conducted by the composer in Hanoi Vietnam - Vietnam-Sri Lanka FreindshipConcert  at the Vietnam Academy of Music Hall. Dedicatedas a birthday gift for eldest daughter Bethany Pereira 

Printed score available








Elegy for the Easter Victims





Elegy Choral version 

April 2019


June 2019







SATB a capella

28 April 2019 - Streamed -First Presbyterian Church Chicago.




29 September 2019
Peradeniya Singers, Kandy Junior Singers, and hand-picked young professionals
Brigitte Halpe, conductor
St. Paul's Church, Milagiriya

Printed score available. Composed days after the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka.Also streamed in April 2019 at UN General Assembly Hall, NY. Performed by Landon Symphonette on 5 May 2019 and 21 July 2019 at the Luzern Music Festival USA conducted by Stephen Czarkowski.  June 2019, recorded by members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, June 2019 at Buntrock Hall at Symphony Center, Chicago, USA. 24 August 2019, performed in Colombo by the Gustav Mahler Society Orchestra at the Navarangahala.

Printed score available.


Cello Concerto


Orchestra 1/1/Cor Anglais/1 2/1 3 percs Strings & Cello solo

Not premiered yet

Printed score available with MP3 digital versions. Dedicated as a birthday gift for younger daughter Liyanga de Silva.

  1. Lento e triste
  2. Spiritoso
  3. Galappo gentile
  4. Danza spiritoso (Baila)

    Explanation, of first three movements with thematic excerpt, by the composer



The Beatitudes (commissioned for 2020- Chicago)

Begun 2020; first movement performed 2023

SSAA & Chamber group

A setting of Beatitudes from the Bible. It is scored for Soprano, Tenor, women's chorus (SSAA), Percussion and Piano. The Piano part is a reduction of the original version scored for Treble Recorder, Tenor Sax, Cor Anglais, Viola, Cello, Sitar, Mandolin and Percussion. The words are the original Aramaic spoken by Jesus. The world premiere performance of the first movement, took place at a choral festival held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, hosted by Le Cantanti di Chicago and the Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council at the Hyde Park Union Church in Chicago, USA, on 29 January 2023. Printed score available.

1. Blessed are the Peacemakers ("Tubwayhun lahwvday shlama dawnawhie d’alaha nitqarun" )
33. Duos for Violin and Cello January 2014 Violin and cello 22 March 2014 -
Nathan Wisniewski (Violin)
Stephen Czarkovsky (Cello)

Millenium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA
1. Gajaga
2. Virindu

Printed score available. Composed as an interlude in the middle of a Sri Lankan dance performance by Serendib Dance troupe. Premiere was by members of the US Armed Forces Orchestras

34.  The Luke Passion (Sinhala Language)
(In progress)
SATB choir, soloists (T, B, S,A), and small orchestra In manuscript only. Not premiered yet. Inspired by the Bach St. John Passion, BWV 245

Digital version of 1st chorus, මගේ ජේසූ දෙවියනේ,released on Good Friday, 02 April 2021.
35. A Pentecostal Praise Dated 09 - 23  April 1973 Tenor, SATB choir, piano or organ In manuscript only. A setting of Acts of the Apostles Ch. 2:1-4, followed by a setting of Psalm 150.

Dedicated to Lylie Godridge, who was a baritone, and was not able to perform it. Arguably, the earliest work, written at the age of 13. Formal harmony, with signs of the melodic style which would emerge later.
36. O Magnum Mysterium 30 April 2021 - 04 May 2021 SATB a capella In manuscript only. Dedicated to choral director, pianist and pedagogue Brigit Halpe, in celebration of her  65 years as a musician, and 62 years as a teacher.  
37. Salute to Citizens
පූරවැසි ආචාරය

"Puravesi Aachaaraya"
April-May 2022 Brass Choir and Percussion Performed by the Colombo Brass Ensemble led by Naveen Fernando, conducted by Srimal Weerasinghe, and now available online.  
38. Solo Cello Suite 2023, work-in-progress Unaccompanied solo cello Work in progress, manuscript only New

“*” RA – Rajeev Aloysius who has been appointed as the official cataloguer of de Silva’s works