Conducting the Sun Symphony, Vietnam and performing his Overture - the Dancers


Lalanath rehearsing Sun Symphony


Lalanath taking a bow at SOSL 60th Anniversary Concert after the premiere of his Overture - the Dancers


Lalanath with Sir Simon Rattle, Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Lucerne Festival (2003)


Violin Virtuoso Itzhak Perlman and Rohan de Silva at Seoul Art Center, South Korea. 13/11/2017


Masa solo


Masa solo


Orchestra and Choir


Orch and Choir


Orchestra and Choir


Sun Symphony, Vietnam - Lalanath de Silva , Composer, Rohan de Silva, Pianist, and Olivier Ochanine, Conductor


Lalanath with leader of the European Union Chamber orchestra


With widow Frank Martin - composer, Eleanore Pameijer, Flautist, and Marcel Worms, Pianist


holding Schumann letter


Lalanath performs a Recorder Sonata with Eugene Jung, Korea